Ride Times  

The following are the standard ride times, which commence at the German Concordia  Club at the start of the 2017 season then will move to Rotary Park as the roads clear.

Saturday rides (50 or 100 km):
9:00 a.m. in April, May, September, October
8:00 a.m. in June, July, August

Wednesday rides (50 km):
6:30 p.m. May through August

Horizon 100 Routes

We have a series of regular routes that are chosen from based on the wind direction. The idea is to ride against the wind on the way out, making for an easier return ride back home when we can use the tail wind. Sometimes the wind conspires to keep us from using all the routes.

All Saturday rides have a 50km choice which is basically 25km into the 100k ride where groups of riders will turn around if they do not want to do the full 100 km ride. The routes listed below are for the entire 100 km Saturday routes. Wednesday night routes use the same general direction as one of these routes, but are all limited to 50 km due to time constraints.


Our Wednesday/Saturday routes


Langham-Dalmeny-Warman Route (also known as “Tour de Mennonite”)

gmap-pedometer of route

Highway 16 to Langham; East to Dalmeny for Coffee; South a bit, then East to Warman; Home on Highway 11. Used when the wind is from the Northwest.


Hague Route.

gmap-pedometer of route

North on highway 11 to Hague for coffee, then home the same way. Used (rarely) when the wind is from the North.


Vonda Route

gmap-pedometer of route

Northeast on highway 41 to Aberdeen; East on highway 27 to Vonda for coffee; home the same way. Used when the wind is from the Northeast (not often enough). 


Elstow Route

gmap-pedometer of route

East on highway 16 to Elstow (where there’s no food, coffee or water to be had); then home the same way. Sometimes we stop in Clavet to top off water bottles. Be sure to carry a snack for this one! It’s easy to bonk. Used when the wind is from the East or Southeast (due to heavy traffic, this route used rarely).


Blackstrap Route

gmap-pedometer of route

East on highway 16; South on Old Blackstrap Highway to Blackstrap Prov. Park;turn around at Aspen Grove; Coffee in Dundurn; home via Blackstrap Highway. Due to heavy traffic at the cloverleaf on #11highway, the return route via #11 highway is not recommended and not part of the club ride.  Used when the wind is from the South.


Pike Lake-Vanscoy Route

gmap-pedometer of route
South to Pike Lake via Pike Lake Rd. and Highway 60; back to Valley Rd turnoff; West to Vanscoy for coffee; then home on Grandora Rd. Snacks needed here too, since coffee stop is well past halfway. Used when the wind is from the west or south west.


Asquith Delisle Route
West on 11th Street grid road and Highway 14 to Asquith; South on grid roads to Delisle for Coffee; home on Highway 7. Used on the very best days, when wind is from the West and riders feel strong (more like 115 km.). This is the 100 km option on the annual Harvest Century 100 Mile event.

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