Dear Fellow Cyclists,
As you are aware, smoke in the area will be a reality during the ride tomorrow. The organizers and volunteers of the Prairie Gran Fondo 2015 would like to take this opportunity first to recognize the hardship that these forest fires are having on our fellow citizens, over 5,000 of which have been displaced from their homes and some of whom have devastatingly lost their homes. Our thoughts are with them and the firefighters who continue to battle the flames.
In recognition of the smoke in the area and our cycling plans tomorrow, we want you to be aware of the following important information:
1) We encourage you to exercise your best judgement in relation to your experience in the Gran Fondo tomorrow. The forecast is for continued smoke in the area and if this continues you may wish to modify your plans, in accordance with the official recommendations from the government. This information can be found at this government of Canada site:
For example, this website at 3 pm today indicates that the general population should "Consider reducing or rescheduling strenuous activities outdoors if you experience symptoms such as coughing and throat irritation." The recommendation varies if you are a High Risk population.
Prairie Gran Fondo will proceed as planned. Tomorrow morning, you must assess the smoke conditions and be prepared to adapt your plans based on changing conditions and how much you are personally affected.
Remember rule # 2. Rider Health. It is the responsibility of each rider to ensure that his/her health condition is sufficient for the event. Know your limits. Rest stops are provided along the course and a roving SAG wagon will be present.
2) As always, be sure to keep the following emergency information with you while you ride: Call the Gran Fondo emergency number immediately if an ambulance or assistance is needed : 306-536-7481 or 306-270-2701.
3) Prairie Gran Fondo is both a sporting event and a festival. If you choose not to ride tomorrow we encourage you to come out and participate in the festival atmosphere of the OutterLimits Best Cyclist challenges, the entertainment on the Brainsport stage and the German themed food. 
4) Stay tuned for any other breaking news, which we will disseminate as quickly as possible through email and on our website & facebook page (  Should anyone have any questions or concerns, please contact the organizers at .
Thank you for your understanding. Have a safe and fun ride tomorrow and enjoy the saskatoon pie, the festivities after the ride and the general camaraderie.

Sincerely yours in community, sport and cycling,
Prairie Gran Fondo Planning Committee


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