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Click HERE for the 2016 instructions and rules.

One Prairie Fondo, 4 Routes

Gran Fondo PLUS (165 KM)

The Gran Plus route is a journey of grandeur alongside endless fields of canola, wheat and barley. Experience the unique feeling of flying that only being on a bike in the presence of the prairie sky can bring. The route takes you immediately across the South Saskatchewan River west along Valley Road through the flood plains of the South Saskatchewan river, riding adjacent to some of the most fertile lands in all of the prairies.  After a visit to Pike Lake you climb out of the floodplain and onto the prairie proper with a visit to the town of Delisle After refuelling at the Delisle rest stop you retrace your tracks back to Saskatoon, along Valley Road, crossing the river and turning south to the Dakota Dunes Casino.  After a well desreved rest at the Dakota Dunes Casino rest stop it's smooth sailing back to Saskatoon to complete your 170KM odyssey where the celebration of your accomplishment awaits!

Gran Fondo (115 KM)

The Gran route is a lovely and challenging ride that has you visiting all the stops and Town Sprint challenge (if you choose) of the Gran PLUS route except for the final leg out to the Dakota Dunes Casino. Your 115KM journey is complete with your return from the west side of the South Saskatchewan River when you arrive back at the German Cultural Center to celebrate your conquest.

Medio Fondo (73 KM)

If the Gran route is a bit much for your current training, then take on the Medio at just over 73KM. This route will take you out across the South Saskatchewan and through the river’s floodplain just as the Gran route. You will visit Pike lake and then return on Valley road back into Saskatoon to complete your 73KM Medio Fondo.

NEW for 2015, by popular request, the Medio route will include a stop for a Saskatoon Berry Pie at the Berry Barn!

Piccolo Fondo (45 KM)

The Piccolo route is created solely for recreational and beginner cyclists who wish to participate in the mass start and big group atmosphere. You will enjoy the same river crossings and vistas of Valley Road as the Gran+, Gran and Medio but your return will include a stop for Saskaton Berry Pie at the Berry Barn before completing your 45KM ride. The Piccolo is a great ride for those looking for a pleasant countryside pedal to work up an appetite for a well-deserved celebration back at the German Cultural Club.














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