Start of Riding Season - New Programs

Start of Riding Season

Huge piles of snow dominate peoples front yards in Saskatoon. However, it is March and riding season will start soon. The snow will melt. (I am sure many people are dreading a fast melt). Once the snow melts, a new biking season will start. The first ride of the season is Saturday April 6th, 9AM, Doug Spoke N Sport. (Weather and road conditions permitting).

With the new year, Horizon is introducing some new programs and making a few modifications to serve members better. Highlights of the changes are:

  • Horizon Lite Ride. Formally the Tuesday Evening Easy Meander. Lite ride is Monday evenings and Thursday evenings, and starts from the German Concordia Club (limitted city riding). Look under the riding tab for more info.


  • Horizon Junior Cycling Program. Horizon is working to get more young people involved in the sport of road biking. The junior program will be for youth in the 13-15 age range.

So get your bike tuned up and get ready to start riding.

Just a reminder, if you have not bought your Sask Cycling Association membership for 2013, please do so.

(online form is here)

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