Cycling Times and Locations

Horizion 100 has various programs for all levels of cyclists, from beginers to advanced. Horizion is a road riding club.  A road or road touring bike is advised. A time trial/triathlon bike can be used (the aerobars cannot be used when in the group but can be used when a short ways behind the group). A cyclo-cross bike can be used but requires extra energy; mountain bikes can be used but require a lot of extra energy.

Ensure the bike fits you correctly; a poor fitting bike is less comfortable, potentially dangerous, and a lot less enjoyable to ride.

Horizon has the following programs for beginner cyclists:

  • Monday evening and Thursday evening lite rides. May-August, 6:30PM from the German Concordia Club. Ride time is shorter and speed is limited to accomodate new cyclists.

Horizon has the following programs for intermediate and advanced cyclists:

  • Saturday Morning rides. April-October with location to be decided. June-August the start time is 7:30AM. April-May and Sept-Oct start time is 9AM (let it warm up on cooler days). Ride is 50K or 100K, with a few 150K rides sprinkled in. Pick which distance you want to ride the day of the ride.
  • Wednesday evening rides. May-August, start time is 6:30PM from a location to be decided Ride is 50K (though the fast group sometimes make it 60K).

Horizon program for all levels:

  • Thursday Night Training by Craven SPORT services. Yes, this is for beginners and advanced riders, equally. The ride is May-August at 6:30PM, from location to be decided. The ride is a slow warm up to the workout location. The workout location varies with a few different loop locations. The riders then do an interval workout on the loop. Everybody rides at their own ability around the loops. Any level of rider will benefit from the intervals and get stronger.
  • Note: once a month, a 15K time trial is held. The time trials leave from location to be decided. Check the calendar for the time trial location.

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