Winter Biking

Winter Training Options

So it is winter. That does not mean letting all your hard work keeping fit cycling during the summer needs to come to an end. Thier are many options to keep fit during the winter so you will be ready for a strong ride during the spring. For best results, combine a few.


1. Winter Track Cycling

Horizon 100 members have the option to ride at the Saskatoon Field House Sunday evenings. See the Track Cycling news page.

2. Winter Cycling

You can bike through the winter. Most Saskatoon bike shops can assist you in winterizing your bike to ride safely during the winter. With studded tires, you get excellent traction in icy streets. Add an appropriate extra layer and cycling can be very enjoyable.

One word of caution when looking and winterizing your bike. Gerald at one of the local bike shops will try to get you to try his fat tire bike. They are a bit expensive, but incredible on snow and ice. Do not try it unless you are in a position to buy, you will get hooked immediately.

3. Spin Classes and 17 Weeks to Spring

Bruce's Cycle Works offers the 17 weeks to spring program. It started November 13th. Thursday night is full. Tuesday is full or close to full, Wednesday has some space. Contact BCW to see about joining. You get to ride your own bike in 17 weeks to spring.

Many fitness facitilities, including some City of Saskatoon leisure services include spin classes.

4. Cross Country Skiing

A number of club members exchange bicycles for skis during the winter and cross country ski. Some are very strong riders. Some of the local bike move the cycling related inventory to the side and make room for skis. Contact them and the nordic ski club.

5. Cross Training

Strength training, running, and swimming are all cross training options during the winter to assist keeping the fiteness level up. When taking on new sports, contact a coach to ensure you don't get injured.


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