Winter Track Cycling- Finished for the season

Riding a road bike on snow and ice can be dangerous. And maybe you don't like spinning away on a trainer for hours. We have another option to keep cycling during the winter and be ready for the first ride this spring,


Track Cycling at the Field House

Track Cycling at the Saskatoon field house is on.  For Horizon 100 members, it is most Sunday evenings from 7PM-9PM. What you need:

1. A clean bicycle in good working order.

2. A helmet

3. A bicycle spedometer (not required but we have a speed limit; if you exceed the limit you may be asked to leave).

4. Sask Cycling Association membership card. (It is being checked, if you don't have it you may not be allowed to bike).


The rules of track cycling:

1. You must wear a helmet.

2. The bicycle must be clean and dry (it does not need to be spotless but you cannot be spreading dirt around the track).

3. You need a Sask Cycling Membership. All Sask Cycling Members ride from 7PM-8PM. Horizon 100, NBR, and Cycledelia members ride 8PM-9PM.

4. The speed limit is 35KPH on the outside lane of the track, as you move inwards the speed limit decreases.

5. No headphones or earbuds allowed.

6. No racing.

7. Side by side riding is restricted to lanes 3 and 4

8. SIgnal lane changes

9. Direction changes at 7:30, 8, 8:30


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