Road Ready Boot Camp

Road Ready Boot Camp

The Road Ready Boot Camp is for new members who are new to group riding and veteran members alike. This camp is for anyone interested in riding in a safe and organized manner.

New members are encouraged to participate in the weekend sessions, held May 4th and 5th (1PM-4PM).

Note: Due to slow spring, the April 20th and 21st session has been cancelled.


Like any sport, it is important to learn the technical skills required to do the sport safely and effectively. Our intention is to teach you various aspects of group cycling.

We will teach you how to ride beside, behind, and in front of other riders. We will teach you riding techniques that will show you how to ride long distances in comfort. We will teach you how to warn others about road hazards. We will teach you how to prepare for long distance rides.

We will teach you about the signal system used to move around in a pack of riders. We will teach you how to lead a group and how to draft in the pack.

We will teach you how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

All camps start at Doug’s Spoke N Sport.

We teach you how to have fun while riding with others.

New members should attend a Road Ready Boot Camp or the Ladies Ride prior to trying the Wednesday Evening or Saturday Morning Rides.

If you are new to the club and cannot attend the road ready boot camp, when first joining a group ride, please let the club executive know you are new to the club. The club executive will work with you to ensure you know how to ride safely with the group.

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