200KM Brevet

So you think 100 km is a Big ride. Try going 200 km in one day.

This is Biggar! July 14th is the day. 7:30 is the time.


The route takes us to Biggar and back. This is a great ride. There are very few hills. It is mostly flat and downhill on the way home. We usually have a tailwind all the way home. And the ice cream at Jerry’s after the ride is to die for. We stop at Asquith on the way out. Perdue/Asquith on the way back. The restaurant in Biggar is great. This is all in all a very pleasant ride to do. Let me know if you want to do the ride. I need to get Brevet cards ready for each rider. This is an official randonneur ride. Let me know at clubinfo.horizon100@gmail.com.


Just think of it as ride 100K (standard Saturday Ride). Stop for lunch. Do an afternoon 100K ride (instead of a morning 100K ride)

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