Road Ready Boot Camp - this weekend

Sat/Sun April 29th-30th, 1-4pm: Road Ready Boot Camp at Holliston Park. Learn pack riding in a safe and organized environment. See here for more details


The Road Ready Boot Camp is for all new members and any club members who want to upgrade their pack riding skills.

The boot camp will teach you all you need to know to ride successfully in a club ride.

You will learn how to ride a steady pace, and how to ride with someone in front, behind and beside you.  You will learn how to signal road hazards to other cyclists, and how to lead a pack and return to the back of the pack.  This is an opportunity to practice good riding skills.


So whether you are new to the club and need some learn-to lessons, or are a regular club member who just wants a refresher, the Road Ready Boot Camp is for you.

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