Horizon 100 is a cycling club based in Saskatoon. We are a road riding club and our aims are to encourage and support people to come out and enjoy riding in a group. We have a wide range of members both male and female, young and old, super fit to the not quite as fit as they would like to be!!! We have a number of ride options (see Regular Rides) that will allow you to build your distance and speed as your experience, fitness and confidence increases.
If you have not been a member of a cycling club before or you want to get back into it here is a quick check list:
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- Get a bike!!  A road bike is advised (a mountain bike can be used but you will use a lot of energy).
- Ensure the bike fits you correctly, a poor fitting bike could be dangerous and could also cause you injury.  Go to any bikeshop in town and get a proper fitting.
- If you’ve already got a bike, make sure it is in good working order.
- You must wear a helmet while riding with the club.
- Attend the Boot Camp.  You’ll learn the basics of pack riding and this will set you up to ride with the club. See the Events for dates and times.
- Come to the Lite Ride beginning on Thursday May 3rd at 6:30 pm at the German Concordia Club and start riding!! 
For further information contact newmember@horizon100.com

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