The Midnight Howler - Saturday June 23rd 2018

This is a ride like no other.  Picture this, 25 bobbing and dodging headlights bouncing across the road.  Each rider must have their own operating headlight.  With riders side by side the road is lit up like you've never seen it before .  The wind is soft, the night is black, the sound of crickets cheering you on as you go by.  Taillights are blazing red notifying motorists of something special happening ahead.  It's like a dance of red fireflies, some flashing, others brilliantly warning motorists to drive carefully around this mass of bobbing red lights.  The ride takes you out on the Patience Lake road.  This is a quiet road with very little traffic.  We stop half way and howl to the wolves, letting them know that the road is ours tonight.  The smells, the sounds, the sights are completely new when you ride at night.  We stop at Tim's on the way back to the city for some refreshments and excited chatter about this completely new experience.  It takes about 2 hours to complete the ride.  It's about 50 km round trip.  This is a free ride to club members.  Just show up at Rotary Park before 10:00 pm.  You might want to wear a reflective vest(optional), but front and rear lights are mandatory and maybe some additional lights to decorate your bicycle too. The minimum required is a red light for the rear and a front light that is bright enough to allow you to see hazards on the road ahead. Front mini "Blinky" marker lights are not adequate

Are you looking for something new, then ride "THE MIDNIGHT HOWLER".






When:Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 @ 10:00PM to ~ Midnight
Where:Meet and ride start at Rotary Park
Who:You! This is a feature ride exclusively for Horizon 100 members


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