Lite Ride

The Lite ride is designed to get you started if you haven’t ridden in a pack before or if you don’t feel fit enough or confident enough to ride on a Wednesday or Saturday club event.
The rides start from the German Concordia Club at 6:30 pm on Monday and Thursday and will usually head out of town along the casino highway (it’s a good road with a wide shoulder) and will be around 90 minutes long and worth 25 Km's on the mileage card. The first ride is scheduled for the first Thursday in May,(the first Monday in May is the Doug's Spoke & Sport Open House) which is shortly after the Boot Camp so you can put into practice what you have learned.  The rides go throughout the summer every Monday and Thursday until the end of August.
The ride speed for the first group will be kept to no more than 20 km/h while the 2nd and 3rd groups will travel a bit faster and we will work on riding in formation, calling obstructions, etc. in the road and transitioning from the front to the back of the group. There will be experienced club members around to give you help and advice and we will NEVER leave anyone behind.  As the season progresses the speed may start to increase as people become fitter and more confident, but we will only ride at a pace that is comfortable for all members of the group.
On Thursday evenings we will meet after the ride in the German club for strudel and coffee (or beer!!).  Monday rides will have a learning session on a particular aspect of cycling.  These will be short "learn to sessions" that will be followed by a ride.
Things to bring for the lite ride:
- Yourself!! (with your SCA and Horizon 100 membership)
- Your bike, maintained and ready to ride
- A helmet (mandatory for all club rides)
- Appropriate clothing
o Cycling shorts are highly recommended
o Dress for the conditions (it can be cold in May)
o Cycling shoes are recommended but not essential.  If you do wear shoes, ensure you are comfortable getting your feet in and out of the clips.
- Bring your cell phone (just in case!!)
- Carry a spare inner tube and a pump/inflator
- Money (to pay for post-ride refreshments)
- Water bottle (filled with water, Gatorade, etc), on a warm night you will dehydrate fast.
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