Horizon 100 Cycling Club Youth Program 2018

May 10th - June 28th

Thursdays 6.30 - 8 pm


Cycling can play an important role in increasing the physical activity or our youth. The Horizon 100 Cycling Club (H100) and the Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) are committed to increasing youth participation in the sport of cycling.  The Horizon Youth Program (HYP) incorporates several unique features to attract and retain youth interest in cycling. 


      Included with the registration of $75 is 

  • 8-week course, 
  • Membership with the Saskatoon Horizon 100 cycling club,
  • Membership with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, 
  • Program T-shirt, and 
  • Registration in the Prairie Gran Fondo


HYP is open to fifty kids (ages 10-16) of all abilities demonstrating an interest in learning and developing cycling skills. HYP explores the fundamentals of sport, placing emphasis on continued fun, safety, knowledge, fitness, and skill acquisition. The program works towards facilitating athletic growth and development in road cycling. Once the HYP is completed, participants will have the option to continue cycling in the H100 Lite Ride.


The HYP program has five main goals:

  1. Technical mastery (bike-handling skills)

  2. Cycling Safety

  3. Learning to express speed through increased effort

  4. Building distance and endurance.

  5. Introducing youth to road cycling

HYP Participants will develop the following abilities:

  1. Coordination

  2. Strength

  3. Stamina

  4. Concentration


HYP emphasizes the enjoyment of cycling for the participants, as this is the main contributing factor for sport participation at this age. In addition to the sense of accomplishment in completing the program, participants will be given opportunities to serve as ambassadors for the sport. 


The eight-week program runs through May and June and works towards facilitating athletic growth and development in road cycling.  During the eight weeks, the program will provide local riding experiences and is the first step in a young cyclist's pathway to confidence in a group and road cycling.

Cyclists take part in coached sessions and are required to have their own bikes. Cyclists will be required to bring athletic shoes and appropriate clothing for cycling and weather conditions. Other equipment required includes: Tool Kit, Spare Tubes, water bottles, cycling clothing, helmet, gloves and glasses

 An advanced group will be operated for 14 to 16 year olds who are experienced road bikers  and who meet our skill requirements.  It will focus on faster paced group riding, criterions, interval training , time trialing, and providing experience of different kinds of cycling like cycle cross biking.



Please contact  Patrick Lapointe at  hyp@horizon100.com if you know of someone interested in participating OR helping out.
There is funding assistance available for registraton and equipment to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in the HYP.





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