FOG&G Ride

Horizon 100 cycling club will be adding a new ride for members in 2018.

We are collaborating with the BCW cycling club to operate the FOG&G ride. The FOG&G will leave from the German Cultural Centre at 9:30am every Tuesday and Friday morning starting in May; the first ride will run on Tuesday May 1st at 9:30am.

The ride was previously run only by BCW. FOG&G is named for "Fast Old Guys & Gals", but is open to all members of Horizon 100 and BCW. The focus of the ride is on fitness, fun, and friendship. While folks who want a workout may sprint ahead, others will proceed at a less aggressive pace. As with all Horizon 100 rides, there is a no-drop policy so no one will ever be left behind. Everyone attending a ride is encouraged to meet for coffee and a snack afterwards.

As this is a new ride for Horizon 100, it will not be included in the mileage cards in 2018.














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