Where do you meet?

Wednesday and Saturday rides leave from Rotary Park, Just East of the Sid Buchwold Bridge.  Most riders arrive a few minutes early to discuss Route choices.  After the ride on Saturday's we often reconvene for treats at Fuddruckers (8th & Arlington), on Wednesday evenings at Jerry's Food Emporium(8th & Grosvenor). 

Monday & Thursday Lite Rides and Tuesday TNT leave from the German Concordia club.  Corner of Lorne Ave and Cartwright st.  After theThursday rides we often descend on the German Club for Struedel.

Where do you ride to?

There are a number of standard routes we take out of the city.  We aim for roads with good shoulders and low traffic volumes. They are round trips out of Saskatoon and back again ending up at the parking lot where we started from. The first thing we do when we gather at the starting point is determine the wind direction. Our goal is to go against the wind on the way out, then we ride back with the wind on our backs (so it is much easier). The routes are often out and back on the same road, but there are some large loop rides.

How far do you ride?

The club normally has 50 km and 100 km rides, and the whole group is typically divided into three large groups based on pace (slow, medium, and fast). On Monday and Thursday nights we offer a Lite Ride which is an easy ride, not focused on distance, but on getting comfortable riding in a group. Wednesday nights we only offer 50 km rides due to time constraints. Saturday you can choose either the 50 km or 100 km distance. Once a month there is a 150 km ride.  A couple of times a year we have special event rides that go 100 miles (Harvest Century ride) and 200 km (Biggar and Back randonneur). Check the calendar of events for dates.

What do I need?

How on earth could I ride a distance of 50 or 100km?

Every one of our members asked the same question at some point in their biking past. Let an executive member know and we can set you up with the beginner class or we will try to set you up with a partner to help you out. The way to reach 50km is a few kilometers at a time. Start early in the year by riding 15 and 20 km rides. Gradually try to increase your longest rides by 5km a week. In six or seven weeks you will be up to 50km. If you ride a couple of times a week it will help increase your endurance. You also need to let your butt toughen up and get used to sitting on the seat for the duration (after a couple of weeks of persistance your butt is generally in shape and the pain is gone). Remember, it is always a good idea to ride with a partner.

Is Horizon the club for me?

If you can ride at a pace of 23-25 km/h into a light headwind and are willing to learn group riding skills, you'll probably enjoy the rides. When you ride with a group you are motivated to ride more often and more likely to try harder to better your performance. There is a boot camp (Road Ready Boot Camp) early in the season where you will learn how to ride in a pack. Beginning in May, we have Monday and Thursday night lite rides starting up, a good place to start riding with the group after you've completed the Road Ready Boot Camp. Each week there are enough riders to break up into various groups based on speed and ability. There is a group for you.

Ride Times

If you haven't ridden with the club before, come try us out. Hope to see you there.

The following are the standard ride times, which commence at a location to be announced soon.

Saturday rides (50 or 100 km):
9:00 a.m. in April, May, September, October
8:00 a.m. in June, July, August

Wednesday rides (50 km):
6:30 p.m. May through August

Lite Rides - Mon and Thur

6:30 p.m. May through August

Please see the events calendar on the Events tab at the side of the page for details on club rides and events.

For answers to frequently asked questions, click the FAQ menu on the upper right.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to cycling with you

New Members

I won't be able to keep up with those seasoned riders!

You don't need to. There are different levels of rides that we try to offer every day we ride as a club. Each level travels at a particular speed range and in it's own smaller group. Beginner riders will travel in the slowest group where the rule is no one gets dropped. Even in the faster groups, when the riders notice that someone is having a tough time keeping up, they will slow down to make sure you can hang on.  Start with the Light Ride.  This event is a general ride that is not based on speed or distance.  We ride based on having fun and getting home before the sun goes down.

Can I ride a mountain bike instead?

It is possible to ride with a mountain bike with slick tires, but you will be using much more energy than anyone else on a much lighter and aerodynamic road bike.


What should I wear?


How do you survive without running out of energy?

How do I know if I am fully hydrated?

A simple test is to check the colour of your urine. If it is dark, you are likely dehydrated. Vitamin supplements and betacarotene will cause your urine to be darker that usual for a brief period after you consume them.  Your urine should be clear or colorless.

Bike Maintenance

What happens if my bike breaks down or I get a flat?

We highly recommend you take your bike to a dealer to have it tuned up before your first club ride to make sure it is road worthy. If you get a flat or mechanical problem, let the group you are riding with know and they will stop to help you out. There will always be someone there to wait and make sure you are ok and back in the saddle again (or in the worst case call to get you a ride home).




How do I get an account on the website?

To get an account on the website, you need to be a member of the Horizon 100 biking club.  If you are a member, please email Communications@horizon100.com


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