Club Wear 2016 - 25th Anniversary Edition


  • NEW - Cool Weather items not previously available! (see list below) 
  • A fresh new design commemorating the Horizon's 25th year! (see images below)!
  • Great prices! Custom designed Pro-level kit by Champion Systems provided at nearly cost (see note on pricing below) Nowhere else can you get quality cycle wear of this quality, at this price, or looks this good!
  • Women's specific Donna Forte "Bella" shorts and jersey available. Made just for those with the XX chromosomes! (BTW, "Donna Forte" is not some famous female cyclist ... it's italian for "Strong Woman" ... just like all the Horizon 100 ladies!)
  • Sizing charts and prices are available at the online store (link below).





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(KEY:  ww = warm weather, cw = cool weather, SS = short sleve, LS = long sleve,  M = men only, W = women only) 
SS Air Lite Jersey (ww, unisex)more info
LS Tech Jersey (ww, unisex)more info
Donna Forte BELLA Jersey (ww, W) more info
NEW LS Tech FLEECE Jersey (cw, unisex)more info
WindGuard Jacket (ww, unisex)more info
NEW Thermoshield Jacket (cw, unisex)more info
NEW Apex WinterShield Jacket (cw, unisex) (pro level garment)more info
Razor Bib Short (ww, M)more info
Donna Forte BELLA short (ww, W) more info
Summer Cycling Short (ww, unisex)more info
Cycling Gloves (ww, unisex)more info
NEW ThermoShield Winter Gloves (full finger, cw, unsiex)more info
NOTE ON PRICING: An advantage of being a club member is the clothing is made available at cost. However, when you are reveiwing the garments on the Champion System (CS) website (ie. the "more info" links above) you will find the prices are slightly less then what they are listed when you go to the online store. This is becasue the store prices include a small mark up for online store services they provide to the club, such as: design, store management, credit card processing,  garment sorting and labeling and shipping. 



Club Wear 2014 Edition - (Out of Stock) - Retired

Get club clothing. Riding clothing is designed to wick away sweat and help keep you comfortable while you ride. Riding shorts include a chamy so you don't feel the seat as much.

Sizing information can be found at

Prices, for a fully customized kit are very reasonable.

For more information or to place an order, please email

Horizon Cycling Kit 2014 Edition Prices
Short Sleeve Jersey$87.00
Long Sleeve Jersey (Finotherm*)$103.00
Bib Shorts$125.00
Arm Warmer (Mid-Zero**)$32.00
*"FinoTherm" means "flock-lined"
** "Mid-Zero" means lined warmer, mid-weight




Horizon 100 Socks

The Horizon 100 club has biking socks with the club logo. The bad news, they are not for sale, you cannot buy them. The only way to get these comfortable biking sockets is by riding 1000km with the club in one season (No Longer In Practice). Members who log more than 1000km during one season are awarded a pair of Horizon 100 Biking socks, until the club runs out of socks (No Longer in Practice). The socks are awarded at some of the social events and at some of the Wednesday and Saturday rides. So get riding, and submit your milage logs.

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